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              作为一种特别的文体形式,发言稿(演讲稿)中有一些被大家广泛接受的套用语,这里列举一些供大家选用:Warmly welcome to our school(热忱欢迎来到我们学校);we feel greatly hornored to see (meet, be with) you(我们非常荣幸地与你们相会);first of all, allowme, on behalf on our school, extend my warm welcome and

              cordial greeting to youdistinguished guests(首先,请允许我代表我们学校向各位贵宾表示热烈的欢迎和诚挚的问候);please take our kind respects to …(请代我们向…问好);wish you a fantastic stay in China(希望你们在中国玩的开心)等等。


              众所周知,发言稿(演讲稿)属于单向式交流文体,所以为了引起对方的注意力,首尾必须使用称谓语和结束语。另外,发言稿(演讲稿)主体部分是针对具体事件而进行的,所以在主体部分应该阐明事情的缘由和结果。另外,为了使发言稿(演讲稿)的结构清晰明了,通常需要采取分段方式进行写作,而且每一段的开头都要用提示语概述出本段的中心要点,例如:There is an increasing concern about the security at school these days(目前,人们越来越担心校园安全); What will we students be able to do? 等等。



              假如你们老师提议举行一个"周五读报活动"(Friday News Hour),但是班上的部分同学不同意这个做法。明天下午你们将举行一次英语班会讨论这个提议,届时你会在班会上发言。请为这次专题讨论班会写一篇英文发言稿,谈谈你对这个活动的看法并陈述你的理由、提出你的建议。100字左右。


              Dear fellow students:

              Our teacher suggests that we have "Friday News Hour". I highly approve of

              this proposal.

              Since we all have a tight schedule learning at school, we have little access to

              the outside world and get almost ignorant of / take no notice of what is happening both at home and abroad. Therefore, we are supposed to read newspapers reguarly so that we can acquire the necessary and timely

              knowledge about our country, as well as the whole world. So in my humble

              opinion,"FridayNew Hour" can broaden our horizon and enrich our school life. What's more, if the materials are provided in English, it will help us improve

              our English.

              Still, I propose that it should open to us twice a week, and we should make

              reasonable choice about what to read every time before it is held.

              Dear friends, I am sure this activity will do good to us. Just take actions!

              Thank you very much!




              1. 我对未来的生活很乐观

              2. 未来的生存环境将更加舒适漂亮

              3. 人类不会担心能源缺乏,将来我们会使用太阳能,风能,潮汐能等

              4. 家家都有机器人,机器人可以帮我们打扫卫生,帮助我们做功课等

              注意:1. 字数要求:100词左右 2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。3. 参考词汇 :乐观的 optimistic  生存环境 surroundings  潮汐能  tidal energy


              Dear Fellows,

              I feel greatly hornored to share my views with you, My topic is " Life in the future".----引出演讲话题

              I’m optimistic about life in the future. By that time the surroundings where we live will be more comfortable and beautiful. People will not worry about/ be concerned about  lack of energy any longer because solar energy, wind energy and tidal energy will have been made full use of and sea water will be switched into energy as well, taking the place of oil. That is to say, we will have alternative energy.There will be robots in every family, which can help people sweep up the houses, cook meals, look after the babies and so on. Only by pressing a button can cars fly in all directions. This is what our life will be like in the future. Thanks!

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