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              Memory is a good thing that helps you remember all the happiness you have ever had.But memory is also a bad thing that makes you suffer from all the sadness you have ever endured.

              To the past,we have what we gained and what we lost.For the future,we have time and passion which will turn out great achievements if we use them well.

              So, remember the moment when your heart was touched, forget the time when your soul was hurt. Cherish the good times you spent with your lovers or friends,and let the memory make your future life better!

              To Be A Man

              The more pain and torment one suffered,the more outstanding one can be, and the much brighter future one will have.

              Never flinch from pain or sufferings.Trouble is a friend,it helps you to grow and make your soul stronger,solid like steel.

              The more trouble you solved,the much more mature you will become.Then no trouble can defeat you or block your way from success.

              Always be kind,grateful and humble.No matter how successful one can be,he or she can take nothing along when passing away from the world.What one can only take away is just a pile of dust,leaving all wealth、fame and power behind.

              So,be kind to the people around you,be grateful to life no matter it gives you gift or pain,be humble when you are praised or admired.

              Anyway,you are just a mortal man!


              I dreamed I was falling to an endless valley of darkness where there were full of devils.The harder I tried to get up,the deeper I was falling.

              Only when I was frightened to wake up could I find that it was only a nightmare and I was so happy that I could still be myself.

              People who appear to be strong always have their weakness or something they fear of.They may fear that they might loose what they have someday like the wisdom,the beauty,or the love.So they may become very weak in their dreams and often frightened to weak up with their hearts beating so fast.

              It is really not easy to find a lover who appreciates all your advantages and bears all your disadvantages.If such a person appears to your life,you should never loose him or her,and never break his or her heart.Because it is providence that you meet with each other.

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