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              According to some economists, a financial crisis is an unavoidable event for the global market and it happens every several years as a result of long-term economic development. During the recession, multiple social issues such as the unemployment rate, the price of commodities and even the investment in public service are affected in an adverse way. Our entire society is negatively impacted and it is the responsibility of our government to introduce solutions to these social issues. Normally, increasing investment in areas like the green industry will provide a boost in the economy as well as help with sustainable development. By upgrading the technology of environmental protection, people will not only benefit from an increase in job positions, but they will also have the chance to enjoy better living conditions as well.

              单词和词组   unavoidable 不可避免的=inevitable

              Once athletes start their sports career, intensive training is unavoidable.   sustainable development 可持续发展

              The use of land is of essential importance to the survival of mankind and the sustainable development of modern society.

              句型结构   By …, … 通过= … by …

              By emphasizing the first-class quality of the products, advertisers attempt to leave a better impression on the potential buyers.

              Advertisers attempt to leave a better impression on the potential buyers by emphasizing the first-class quality of the products.


              In times of an economic crisis, in which area should the government reduce its spending? a. libraries b. public transportation c. police.

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