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              Just as is revealed in the picture above, the young, nowadays, just like the boy in the drawing, are prone to reach for what is beyond their grasp, but ignore the significance of doing something trivial and simple before accomplishing great feats。

              There is no doubt that the symbolic meaning subtly conveyed in the picture should be given deep consideration. As we all know, a man who does not sweep a room, doesn't mention to sweep the world. In other words, the foundations of a building must be strong, or else the whole structure will fall down someday. Therefore, when it comes to the key to success, the most important thing lies in doing every tiny thing well around you。

              As the saying goes, “the highest eminence is to be gained step by step。” To achieve the goal, not merely do we need ambition; we also need to realize the importance of dealing with triviality from the beginning. Only in this way can we get on the way to success down to earth。


              The world is not only hungry,but also thirsty for water. This may seem strange to you, since nearly 75 % of the earth's surface is covered with water. But about 97% of this huge amount is sea water, or salt water. Man can only drink and use the other 3% -- the fresh water that comes from rivers, lakes,underground, and other sources. And we cannot even use all of that, because some of it is in the form of icebergs and glaciers. Even worse, some of it has been polluted.

              However, as things stand today, this small amount of fresh water, which is constantly being replaced by rainfall, is still enough for us. But our need for water is increasing rapidly-- almost day by day. (www.keralacam.com)Only if we take steps to deal with this problem now can we avoid a severe worldwide water shortage later on. A limited water supply would have a bad effect on agriculture and industry. Let me give you just one small exampie of how necessary water is to industry. Did you know that to produce a single ton of steel, it takes about 91, 000 liters of water?

              We all have to learn how to stop wasting our precious water. One of the first steps we should take is to develop ways of reusing it. Experiments have already been done in this field, but only on a small scale.


              As we know, many great people could succeed just because they did everything big or small earnestly.

              Preserving Natural Resources.

              However, natural resources are not inexhaustible. Some reserves are already on the brink of exhaustion and there is no hope of replacing them.

              As you know,there's no enough clean water for people. So many of them lose their lives because of water. It's time that we must do something useful to protect our environment. We can plant trees and take good care of them.

              We can save the water and ask our parents to do so. We can't throw any litter onto the ground and we should collect them for recycling.

              If we take good care of our earth today,it will be more beautiful tomorrow.

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