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              The most interesting thing

              To me ,the most interesting subject is English.But I find studying English is very difficult.So if you ask which subject is the most difficult to me.My answer will be English.Now I am a student,everyday I have more than one English classes,I like studying it very much and I hope I can study it very well,so I can talk with foreigners and know the foreign countries things,it is very useful.


              I like basketball

              I'm a tall and lively boy. I like playing basketball very much because it's interesting. I like NBA, too. There are many famous stars in it. Such as Alan, Iveson, Tim, Donken, Jordan, Kobe, O'Neal and so on. Yao Ming is in the NBA, too. He's Chinese. He plays basketball well. He's a center forward. He's our pride. All the ball stars can jump, shoot and pour in the basket. So each game of the NBA is wonderful. Sometimes the players can perform miracles, I think.

              This year's champion is Spur Team. It’s one of the strongest contenders.

              I like NBA. I love basketball.


              I have a dream

              I'm looking for a weekend. It's happy and it's free. This is my dream.

              At this weekend, I don't have to play the violin; I don't have to draw pictures; Olympic Maths is far away from me; Handwriting doesn't bother me.

              I can play and I can sing; I can do everything interesting. No one can stop me.

              Oh, what a happy weekend! But, it's only my dream. I hope it will come true.


              The Mid-Autumn Festival

              The Mid-Autumn Festival is a very important Chinese festival. It’s on lunar fifth of August.

              In the evening, we have a big dinner. Look, there is a lot of delicious food on the table. We can drink a glass of juice. We stand beside the table and we say, “Cheers, cheers, happy Mid-Autumn Festival!” We make a wish to each other. At night, the moon is usually round and bright. It looks like a ball. We can enjoy the moon. Moon cakes are the special food for this festival. We can eat moon cakes, too. In the Mid-Autumn Festival, my parents and I are all very happy and excited.

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