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            our future school初二作文带翻译


              our future school初二作文带翻译

              1our future school

              Everyone should go to school,But there are many diffierent school,Here is my drean school.

              In that school,there is no teacher.Many robots can teach you about your lessons,YOU needn't take books with you ,you can use your computer.My school had better have an amusement park.because if we are tired ,we can have a good time here.

              In the future ,students will have a more wonderful time than now.




              2our future school

              Our future school will be very different from the one we have now.

              The campus will be bigger. There will be a large playground and a big fountain in the school. There will be lots of trees and flowers. The classrooms will be equipted with multimedia. There will also be air-conditioning in the classrooms. There will be a big gym in the school. Students can exercise when they have time. There will also be basketball courts, tennis courts and a swimming pool. Students can do more activities for P.E. classes. The library will be bigger as well. There will be robots in the library to organize the books.


              学校里会有大的操场和大的喷水池。还会有很多树木和花朵。教室会装备有多媒体。教室里面也会有空调。学校里会有大的健身房。学生在有空的时候能锻炼。还会有篮球场,网球场和游泳池。学生能再体育课做更多地活动。图书馆也会更大。图书馆里会有机器人来整理书籍 .

              3school in the future

              In the future,we needn't go to school.we can study on the Internet,in home can also study .

              Teacher teaches is on the Internet,too.But ,we also take money to teacher .This can't change.We can also make questions on the Internet.In some ways ,it's comfortable and relaxed.It's so cool.



              4The school in the future

              This is my school is future.It is going to be big and pretty.

              Every student can carry a lab top with them to the school.No more homework writen on paper,it will all be in the computer.Lift and electronic stair in the school.Robot will be our teacher.And TV screen will stand in place for black board to teach.We can hand E-mail in instead of pieces of paper which is easy to lose.School trips out of the country.

              And this is the school in my dream,and that it will come true in the future.




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