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            Can money buy everything ?


              Can money buy everything ?


              I’m absolutely sure that money can’t buy happiness.That’s because we can’t fail to realize that money is the roots of all evils.

              Such is human nature that everyone likes money becausenobody can live without money. In spite of this, money can’t be paid inexchange for happiness not only because happiness is valuable but also becausemoney is not the thing that can be used to do everything. Though we can buyfood and clothing with money, it’s impossible to buy happiness becausehappiness is so honorable that we can only create it by ourselves.

              One day, you will be too old to walk and then it’stime for you to look back upon your past. Definitely, you’ll realize howimportant your health is and that health means happiness. I don’t think you canbuy health or happiness with your money. If you want to keep fit, you have towork out. If you want to keep happy, you have to have a cozy environment. Veryoften, money alone can’t do that.

              Money is something, but not everything.

              Teacher’s comments:

              This is a composition in the Mid-termExamination. The writer sets out by pointing out that money can’t buy happiness,after which she further explains to us that money is the root cause of allevils. She also analyses why money can’t be used in exchange for such things ashealth or happiness. The article ends with the conclusion: Money is something,but not everything.

              The whole passage is filled with so manybeautiful expressions that we cannot fail to notice. Reasoning is also onestrong point to make this article the one that stands out in a thousand. ZhuXinyi is such a student, anxious to learn and good at learning. That’s whatother students should learn from.

              Wu Rongming (吴荣铭)

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