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            英语习作:A letter to Mr.Wu


              英语习作:A letter to Mr.Wu


              Dear Mr. Wu,

              Thank you for teaching me English and choosing me asyour assistant. In fact, my English is not satisfying and most of my classmateslearn English much better than me. Last year, when I was in Grade 8, I alwayscame out last in the English exams. My English teacher therefore felt very muchdisappointed about me. In order to improve my English, I worked very hard andthe situation changed for a little better after I entered Grade 9. But myEnglish was still no better than others’。

              When I entered the present class and had my firstEnglish lesson, I was very nervous. But to my surprise, you chose me as yourassistant. It was at that moment that I made a big decision---I wanted to andmust learn English well because I didn’t want to make you, a kind and wiseteacher, feel disappointed in me. After I went back home, I told my parentsabout the matter. On hearing the news, they felt grateful and at the same timeencouraged me to learn English well.

              As time goes by, you’ve already taught me for one anda half months, during which time you’ve praised me seven times and this has givenme confidence in learning English well. At the end of this month, we will haveour mid-term examination, the first important examination since we entered theclass. My class teacher has said that she will choose teachers’ assistantsaccording to the scores we will get in the exams. I’m afraid that this time Iwill not make it because of my poor English, but no matter what happens, I’llkeep on learning English well because I’ve already made much progress inEnglish under Mr. Wu’s instruction. I’m proud of my English teacher, the onlyEnglish professor in Wuxicity. I’ll try my best to make you take pride in me one day.

              Thank you for choosing me as your assistant. I reallyhope you can keep healthy. Though you’re in your early sixties, you look youngand energetic. We all hope that you will be our teacher forever. You were, areand always will be my teacher. We will respect your for your rich knowledge allour lives.


              Li Xinran

              Teacher’s comments:

              The writer begins her letter by thankingthe teacher for choosing her as assistant, which made her excited anddetermined to learn English well as a token of her gratitude. She also feelsworried because after the mid-term exam, all teachers’ assistants will beselected according to the students’ scores and she might lose her present post.Nevertheless, she has expressed her determination to learn English wellwhatever may happen to her.

              The writer’s emotion is vividly expressedand her determination firmly made. I especially appreciate her changing myformer student’s sentence "I was, am and will always be your pupil" into theone at the end of the letter. What a smart and flexible student!

              Wu Rongming (吴荣铭)

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