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            英语习作:My visit to Changguangxi Park


              英语习作:My visit to Changguangxi Park


              We went to Changguangxi Parkfor a visit two weeks ago. The scenery there has left a deep impression on me.

              It was a nice day. The sun was shiningbrightly and the air was clean and fresh. Upon our arrival, we met withnumerous green plants and beautiful trees of all kinds. There were so manybeautiful flowers there that I could hardly name them. We sat on the big greenlawn, some singing, others talking excitedly. Half an hour had passed by butnone of us wanted to leave the soft beautiful lawn. Though someone said we weretoo tired from studying hard to leave the place, I would rather say that it wasbecause of the attractive scenery. We also enjoyed the food and fruit we hadbrought with us on the lawn. What a happy scene! The wind was warm, the air wasrefreshing and the laughter were contagious.

              The scenery was so attractive that wecould hardly take our eyes away from it. We were all lost in such a naturalwonder. At long last we had to leave the place reluctantly. On our way back, wewere still absorbed in our excitement. Everyone seemed happy and content tohave come to this wonderful park and wanted to visit it again in the nearfuture.

              Teacher’s comments:

              The writer goes directly to the topic bymentioning who, when, where and what. She follows these elements by vividlydescribing the beauty of the park and how the students were absorbed in thescenery. She uses so many beautiful words in the writing that it seems to havebeen written by the teacher. In actual fact, the teacher has only made only alittle improvement and modification of the article. Zhu Xinyi can refer to thedictionary to find necessary elements for her writing, which I should recommendto the students of English.

              Wu Rongming (吴荣铭)

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