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              Last summer holiday,I went to China.The life in China is very excited.
              On the first day,my father,my mother and I were flying to china and we were going to The Great Wall.It's too long,and I was very tired.But we were all think it is interesting.
              We went to the hotel and had a rest.
              On the second day,We went to The Palace Museum.They are very big and beautiful.We took a lot of photos,too.we were sitting on the King's chair and talking just like the Chinese King.It's so great!
              On the third day,we were flying to London.This tour is short,but we all fell very happy.
              That was my last holiday,and this holiday,I am going to go to America.I am sure,We will have a nice trip!
              That day, I was going out to buy a book, it was very hot outside, let me hard to breathe .after  I paid for the books and was going back  to my home, the day just like a changed face , it was raining cats and dogs.
              I was hurrying to find a place to shelter from the rain, holding  tightly the book in my arms.What shall I do ? It was raining heavily, how can I  get  back? Then I heard a voice like the sunlight: "It's your house far from here ?May  I send you home?" ,I looked up and found it is  an uncle, (www.keralacam.com)from his clothes I see that he is a volunteer, On the way home , he and I talked very happy, finally, with his help, I got home.
              I was looking at his leave of figure, I felt  very glad, that I believed ,if there were more and more people just like him  , our country will be  stronger and more prosperous.
              Last winter holiday, I went to Harbin with my mother.
              It was very cold in winter. There was snow and ice everywhere and you are always in a white world. You must wear warm clothes. The most exciting thing was playing with snow. Skating was also very interesting there.
              I will' always remember Harbin, for the snow, the ice and all the beautiful things. I love Harbin.
              Last Sunday, all my family were at home. My father was washing his car outside our house. My mother was doing the housework. She was trying to clean the whole house at the weekend. My grandmother was watching TV in the sofa. I was playing computer games in the morning. I received a phone call and went shopping with my friends. In the evening, our family were eating dinner together.
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