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              Evreyone both have problems,but the most important is how to deal it,because you can find a lot of happniess in the process. i always remenber that when i was young,i hated math very much,even i didn't want to listen any math class.but one day,my teacher said to me that i have to stady it,not only it's important,but also useful in daily life,and maybe the porcess is difficult but bitter pills may have wholesome(良药苦口),after that he believe that i can sucsussful! so,i hard working everyday,and listen every class carefully,if some exercises i don't konw how to work it out,i always asking teacher or each other.so now my math is good,and i also think that everytime i hard working to do these exercises,i'm happy!
              How to Face up to Your Difficulties
              Life is not always full of smiles and flowers. Every person has his own difficulties no matter how high his position or how great his achievement is. So it is of vital importance to have a correct attitude to face up to difficulties.
              Some people feel so dejected about their difficulties that they fall into pessimism; others resort to putting the blame on others, the society or circumstance; still others are frightened by difficulties and give up halfway. All these people don't use their abilities to overcome difficulties. So their attitudes are negative.
              The positive method is to utilize your ability to clear away your difficulties that appear in your way of life rather than run away from them. Confront difficulties with joyful energy and enthusiasm , and you will find the difficulties are really not so hard as they appear and they will disappear in due course.
              I have had many difficulties since I started to learn English. Since I come from the south of China, I can not distinguish nasal sounds from non-nasals: they sound exactly the same in my dialect. Thus, I had a hard time telling “night” from “light” at the very beginning. My poor memory also added to the difficulties when I decided to enlarge my vocabulary. English words were so elusive that I could only remember them for a while.
              I have spared no efforts to overcome the difficulties and finally succeeded. In order to tell the slight difference between nasal sounds and non-nasals,(www.keralacam.com) I forced myself to speak mandarin everyday. Whenever I started to speak English, I reminded myself the difference between “night” and “light”。 At first I felt it rather unnatural, but as I went on I was gradually accustomed to speaking in this way. As for my wretched memory, I gave up mechanical memorization and tried many other new ways. At last I found a most efficient way for me: memorizing English words by their stems and affixes. This is how I have overcome some difficulties in learning English.
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