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              篇一:Let It Go
              Sometimes, we may feel uncomfortable and unhappy. However, what makes us so upset on earth? There are different reasons for different people. When we are sorrowful, we should tell ourselves that there are still various beauties in the world. What we should do is that we must take actions to find them.
              When we get into trouble, we always tell ourselves that we can't cry, because crying is not useful for us. And if we just cry and don't do anything, we will become more passive. Although crying can't solve any complicated problems, and maybe we will get a terrible mood finally, crying can give us a release, and it is helpful for us. So what I want to say is that we should follow ourselves emotions. When we indeed want to cry, we shouldn't limit ourselves to avoid crying. Please just give ourselves a space where we can be loyal to our heart and we don't need to think over any meaningless things. Thus, we can let ourselves get a peaceful environment. Don't suppress our inner emotions. Just let it go.
              Also, when we meet some situations that we have tried our best to solve, but the result is that we can't change anything, then we should have a consciousness of “Let it go”。 Maybe we are not willing to give it up, but we must realize that if we always make great efforts, but we still can't gain the satisfactory result, we should convince ourselves not to insist on it. Let us acquire a great mood, and just let it go. Because we are not regretful, we have experienced it.
              In a word, for some things, we should hold that attitude of “Let it go”。 However, the premise is that we have done our best for them, and we have gotten some significant experience from them. Thus, we can learn more knowledge and have a good mood.
              篇二:How to Be a Good Student?
              When it comes to what makes up a good student, many people may have the stereotypes that a good student is one who can always get high marks in examinations. In school, the student who gets high marks or full marks is considered to be the model student. It does not matter whether he has a good health or not, as long as he get the high marks. After school, when the students come back home, their parents would ask them to do more homework to get higher marks.
              However, in my humble opinion, I think being a good student is not only about getting high marks in the exams, but also know how to live and get alone with others, which is more important than reading and writing. The pity thing is most of the students spend so much time on doing their homework that most of them do not enjoy good health. They should be encouraged to go outside to do sports, listen to music and draw some pictures. The teachers should not only teach the knowledge in the textbooks to the students, but also help the students to know about the society. After they graduate from colleges, they will be more adaptable to this world.
              To sum up, to be a good student does not only mean he can get high marks in the exams, but also have a healthy body and mind. Generally speaking, the student who is good at study and willing to help others are considered to be good.
              Nowadays, some discussions about the children's education and management have raised the whole social concern. It seems not only about children's personal development, but also about the whole country's future.
                There are two main views in debate, which of them is that children should obey the rules set by parents and teachers. The other is that less control will help children to deal with their future adult life.
              As for the former, the advantages of it seem to be very apparent, which of them is that children can make a distinction between right and wrong things. And they will have a sense of principle and responsibility. Of course, the disadvantages are also very clear. Firstly, children will be lacking in imagination and creation. Secondly, they cannot make up their mind on their own.
              Concerning the latter, the view seems to be reasonable because in this ways these children are more clever and active to create something special. However, the drawbacks couldn't be ignored as a result of a problem that children cannot get a clear understanding of their lifetime.
              Combining the both points, as far as I'm concerned, parents and teachers are supposed to instruct children to obey the primary principle when they do some deeds. Moreover, children need more freedom to realize their dreams. Only in this way can the problem be solved perfectly.
              In conclusion, we can't only support one side simply. On the contrary, we ought to choose different measures to educate children flexibly.
              篇四:Whether Should Children be Allowed to Bring Cell phones to School
              Recently, there was a heated discussion over children's education. The question under debate is that whether children should be allowed to bring cell phones to school. When asked about this, options are divided. For the supporters, they think that they can keep in touch with their kids so that they can exactly know what happens to them. And if there is anything bad occurs they could give their kids guidance at the first time.
              When my eyes caught this topic, my mind began its search for the better one. Although cell phones have played an increasing important role in our common life, which brings us a lot of benefits, I do not think it's wise to allow our kids to bring cell phones. First of all,(www.keralacam.com) the cell phones equipped with many entertainments will become a time-killer. Kids will spend their precious time in playing games instead of studying. And then what's worse, there may also be phenomenon of life comparison among children which will do great harm to them. Last but equally important is that radiations from mobile phone which may have a detrimental effect on children's body health.
              Taking all these into consideration, we can reach the conclusion easily that children should not be allowed to bring cell phones to school.
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