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            第一段: (3句话 )


            1.       图表内容:What is illustrated above shows usclearly that dramatic changes have taken place with regard to主题性名词.

            2.       总体变化:According to the figures given inthe diagram(图)/table(表), the past xx years have witnessed thissteady rise/decrease.

            3.       具体数据:In the year of xxxx, there was/were(描述首年的数量,比如 there were 7,000people using cell phones).However, by the year of xxxx, the number has attained/dropped to xxxx.



            As shown in the pie, the number of (主题性名词(阴影部分),如:seniorcitizens) has reached xxx, which accounts for xx% of 主题性名词(大饼),如:Chinesepopulation).




            So far as I’m concerned, I believe thatsuch phenomenon will give rise to a series of consequences. First and foremost,it will exert a far-reaching / negative impact on 名词,  如:livingenvironment  ; A casein point is that 简单句型 (如: we have only one earth. 这点是例子,(英语作文 www.keralacam.com)可写可不写)  ; Besides, it may bring about aconsiderable change/damage to_名词,如: environmentdegradation   .One more point that can’t be ignored is that简单句型    .


            Some driving factors that contribute to theabove-mentioned phenomenon may be summarized as follows. First and foremost, withthe rapid development of Chinese economy, the living standards are highlyimproved. Thus,  简单句型(如: wine is no longer a luxury)   ;(这一条能适用于大部分与国情相关的考题,但不是万金油原因,请慎用)Besides,it is often found that / it is commonly agreed that  简单句型    . A case in point is that 简单句型 (这点是例子,可写可不写)   ; One morepoint that can’t be ignored is that 简单句型   .



            1.      A bring(s) about B:A 导致了B 

            2.      lead to , give rise to , contribute to .等等。

            3.      Thanks to / in the wake of / A,    Bis/are on a upward/downward trend:


            4.  如果想要力保自己的分数的同学可以参考:

            A:因                 B: 果

            A  lead to/ result in/give rise to /contributeto B.

            A: 名词,事实,现象,观点,观念,The fact同位语从句(that 简单句 )

            B:名词,现象,观点,结论,建议,概念that suggestion /conclusion同位语从句(that 简单句 )

            例如:Thebelief and fact that traditional energy like the petroleum and natural gas arelimited , irretrievable resources on earth naturally lead to the conclusionthat we should stop being selfish and start thinking for our descendants whowill probably face severe energy crisis.



            对于趋势的预测:Taking allthese factors into consideration, we may reasonably predict that ( with therapid and further development of our society,不是万能的,不能用就不要它), the number of 主题性名词    will keepincrease/decrease in the forthcoming years.


            Considering the possible negative aspects,we may come up with some tentative suggestions. On the one hand, theauthorities concerned have to make relevant rules and regulations. On the otherhand, the public should be educated to be more self-conscious.







            What a vivid and thought-provoking picture!As depicted in the image, there is/are简单描述图画内容(可采用Therebe 句型).It is beyond any doubt that what the illustrator intends to convey in thepicture is far reaching. By demonstrating the phenomenon of 主题性名词(即图画所讽刺的现象,如globalwater shortage,写不出来就写this phenomenon),,theillustrator reminds us that such issue cannot be neglected and needs greaterattention.



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