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            A Letter to My Mom
            Dear Mom,
            I recently read the book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom by Amy Chua. I found that you and Ms. Chua have a lot in common in parenting. Today, I’ d like to share some of my views on this topic.
            Childhood memories of your strict “dos” and "don’ts" came flooding back. Because count- less hours were invested on practicing musicalinsUu- ments, there was not even a slim chance for me to participate in parties and school plays, let alone fully enjoy the authentic pleasures of family life.Moreover, deprived of the freedom to choose hob- bies, I sometimes felt that I was just like a lonely pup- pet manipulated by others. Dear mother, do you be- lieve that time and time again I woke up from beau- tiful dreams with tears streaming down my face?
            However, though I&acute;ve labeled it as a brutal regimen when I was young, as I became heavily involved inme outside world, I’ve come to realize that it was quite rewarding to have been tiger trained. As George Eliot putslt,"It never rains roses: when we want to have more roses, we must plant trees". This is as true of 0ur growing up, especially in an unprecedentedly stressful so- cietyr, Fortunately, tiger parenting has equipped me with exceptional study habits,thus helping me stand out in the intense competition. Furthermore, it has endowed me with strong willpower as well as inner self-poise, which bas proved to be a most pre- cious quality of mine. Finally,thanks to your firm discipline, not cmly have I cultivateda discerning taste in art, but I’ve also built my own set of moral values. In view of all these facts, tiger parenting has benefited me in the lorlg run despite the cost of the immediate joy of a normal carefree cbildhood.
            Now, looking back on my childhood with your specialparenting method,I want to extend my sincerest appreciauon to you, my dear mother. As I am to commence my college life now,I promise you that I&acute;ll improve myself ina "tiger" way, going all out to fulfill all of my dreams.
            通过这封写给母亲的信,作者把母亲的教育方式和“tiger mom”的方式作对比,阐述自己的观点。开篇简洁明了,正文欲扬先抑,强调对“tiger training”的赞同,依此出发向母亲表达深切感激之情。文章结构清晰,观点明了,逻辑性强,行文通顺。作者词汇量丰富,长句驾驭能力强。建议适当改变句式,保证长短错落有致。

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