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            上海理工大学外语学院 贾从永




            Currently the ranking of colleges is very prevalent in China, fueled by parents who are eager to look for guidance and universities which spend lavishly to raise their standings.

             But there has been much debate about the value of such rankings. Some experts speak highly of the rankings, noting that.the league tables are useful to college-bound students and their parents. The view is echoed by a 2009 study, which concludes that the rankings spur universities to do a better job of educating students. Others, however, cannot share this point of view. They dismiss the rankings as pointless, bluntly pointing out the dubious statistics used in the rankings. They think the very idea ridiculous that universities with very different cultures and programs can be compared.

             As for me, I side with the former view. Though it is incredibly difficult to judge how well a university performs, it does not necessarily mean the panorama of a university is unavailable.

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