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            上海理工大学外语学院 贾从永

             建议信已考过两次(2007年和2009年),但前两次都是公务信函,今年是私人信函,语言可适当口语化。信从称呼写起,亲戚间常直呼其名,在此可写成Dear Li Ming。信的主体宜分成三段:第一段简洁地表达祝贺;第二段向对方提一两条建议;第三段表达一下希望和祝福。最后是落款,根据要求须写Zhang Wei。请看范文:

            Dear Li Ming,

             I´m so pleased to learn that you have been adnutted to ShaW;hai Unwersity. I´m writing toextend my warmest congratulations to you.

             My advice to you is to sign up for a crash course(速成班)in oral English during the sum-mer vocation. Fluency in English will not only impress your teachers. and ease your contact withforeigners, but also stand you in good stead when you look for a job in future.

             I hope you´ll find my suggestion useful. University time is one of the best times of your life.Make the most of it,and enjoy yourself l

             Yours sincerely,

             Zhang Wei

            今年考研英语(二)大作文与2010年相同,是图表作文,不过去年采用曲线图,今年采用柱状图。图表作文第一段要描述图表(interpret the cluut)。认真观察图表后,用一句话将其反映的现象表达清楚,立片言以居要;然后引用数据,描述图表。(英语作文 www.keralacam.com)本图表反映的现象是:2009年国产品牌汽车的市场份额超过日、美品牌。图表作文第二段是文章主体,要分析现象背后的原因(give your comments),一般可从两三个方面展开。以本题为例,对国产品牌汽车的市场份额超过日、美品牌这一现象,可从以下几方面说明:近年中国国产汽车的性能良好:国产汽车价格便宜;日本汽车近年来质量丑闻不断;日本右翼势力抬头使一些中国人不愿买日本汽车,等等。如文章到此戛然而止,会让人感到很突兀,所以还需给作文加个结尾段,使文章能浑然一体。就本文而言,第三段可水到渠成提出建议:中国的汽车厂家不应沾沾自喜,而应继续努力。请参阅下面的范文:

            Domestic automakers outperformed foreign rivals in terms of market share in 2009. As thechart shows, home-made cars occupied 33% of the domestic market share in 2009, up from 25%in 2008. But the market share of Japanese vehicles dropped t0 25% from 2008´s 35%.America´s share of the market remained constant at 12%.

             There are a number of factors behind this change. The most important one is the rapiddevelopment of Chinese auto.industry,which now tums out cars reaching or approachingintemational standard in reliability and fuel efficiency. Affordability also contributes to thepopularity of domestic brand cars,which usually cost only one third or even onefifth of whatimported automobiles do. On the other hand, the recent spate of recall scandals of Japanese carsscared away their potential buyers in China. Besides,Japan´s right-wing views on its barbaric(野蛮的,肆无忌惮的)invasion of China led many young Clunese to boycott Japanese cars.

             Despite the lead, Chinese car makers, rather than being smug about the achievement,should redouble efforts in order to compete successfully with such auto giants as GM,Toyota andVolkswagen in the g

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