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            2006年6月17日大学英语六级 A卷答案(恩波版)听力


            1. C She is not sure she can pass on the message.
            2. D Hold the ladder for him
            3. B He'd like some coffee
            4. C He might get fired
            5. D Tony's wife
            6. A He was fined for running a red light
            7. C He finds reward more effective than punishment
            8. B At the dentist’s
            9. B He doesn’t agree with the woman’s remark
            10. A It was applaudable.
            11. B. Medical care
            12. C. Her determination to fulfill her dream.
            13. B. To help disabled children there.
            14. D. In a small village in Chile.
            15. A. By expanding their minds and horizons.
            16. D. She made outstanding contributions to Children’s education.
            17. A She won the 1945 Nobel Prize in Literature.
            18. C. How animals protect themselves against predators.
            19. B. Its plant-like appearance.
            20. A. It helps improve their safety.

            21 D Showing violence is thought to be entertaining
            22 B Most studies exaggerate the effect of media violence on the viewers.
            23 C assert a direct line between violent media and aggressive behavior.
            24 D their definition of violence
            25 A More studies should be conducted before conclusinons are drawn.

            26 A A quarter of Americans can't afford their prescription drubs.
            27 D exercising price control on brand-name drugs.
            28 B High prices are essential to funding research on new drugs.
            29 C To allow the vast majority to enjoy its benefits.
            30 C Reducing supplies to uncooperative Canadian pharmacies.

            31 A offering senior citizens discounts has become routine commercial practice
            32 C The elderly,being financially underprivileged,need human help from society.
            33 B intensify conflicts between the young and the old
            34 C It benefits the old at the expense of the young.
            35 D Senior citizen discounts may well be a type of age

            36 A crime against humanity
            37 C deep-rooted socio-economic inequality
            38 B The blacks

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