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            Traveling Abroad

            Currently, people in growing numbers are seeking to make tours in other countries. As is vividly indicated in the above chart, the numbers of foreign-travelling people in X city has reached to more than 120,000 in the year of 2005, compared with about 12,000 in 1995 and less than 40,000 in 2000. From the chart, we can also predict that this trend is likely to continue in the following years.

            The reasons for the increasing of traveling abroad are obvious as follows. Firstly, as the development of people’s life style and economy, they are rich enough to afford to go travel abroad. Secondly, the world has become a small village as the information age and internet improve. Thirdly, more and more people are interested in the cultue of other countries, therefore they are eager to visit them in their eyed.

            As we can see from the chart, this trend mentioned above will bring lots of benefits for us. For one thing, traveling abroad will help connect our world closely and enhance the friendship between countries. For another, tourists can leran great amount of experiences and cultures, which will be unquestionably beneficial for our countries development.

            60. D soared

            61. C symptoms

            62. A laid off

            63. B traced

            64. D proportion

            65. B burdened

            66. A performance

            67. C apply

            68. D affordable

            69. B treat

            70. D Inspired

            71. A ago 72. C idea 73. B come 74. A indoor 75. D revealed

            76. B down 77. C safe 78. A reduced 79. D destroy 80. B however

            81. C completely 82. A or 83. B fact 84. D developed 85. A starts

            86. D inevitably 87. C instead 88. C adopting 89. B beneficial 90. A Entire


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