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            Reading Selectively Or Extensively?




              Reading Selectively Or Extensively?

              How should we read? Should we read selectively or extensively? Everyone has his own view.

              Some people think we should read selectively. They argue that with the development of modern science and technology, more and more books are being published every day. It is impossible for us to read all the books. What's more, there are many bad books that are poisonous to our mind, and we shouldn't read them. Since we can't read all the books, and we shouldn't read bad books, we must read selectively.

              But others may not agree. They emphasize that today's society is not what is used to be. If you want to be successful, you must read widely and acquire knowledge in both natural sciences and humanities, if a man knows much in one field but little in others, he may not be of great use to the society. Since we must have a wide range of knowledge, we must read extensively.

              Who's right? There is a lot to be said for both sides of the argument. However, I think we should read extensively first and then dig into the subject we are interested in.

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