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            A letter




              A letter to a Schoolmate

              June 23, 2001

              Dear Xiao Wang,

              I am delighted to know that you will be able to visit me for a week during the National Day holiday. I am looking forward to your visit and to the opportunity to catch up. Welcome to my home in Nanjing!

              As you know, Nanjing has many places of interest to see, to discover, and to enjoy. Among its historical sites are stone city wall, the Confucius Temple with its magnificent night view, and Dr. Sun Yetsen's Mausoleum. With all its universities, Nanjing is a cultural center, offering an abundance of artistic and musical performances. It's also a city of beautiful gardens and parks, such as the Xuanwu Lake Park. With all these features, we will have a fun-filled week, especially that in early-October, there are many sunny and mild days for outdoor activities. So, I would suggest visiting these places first, and deciding on the others as our week develops.

              Finally, since at this time of the year the weather gets a little chilly in the evening, I would suggest that you bring some warm clothing with you. Also, as there will be crowds of people at the stations and on the trains, you need to be very careful with your belongings!

              Best wishes for a pleasant journey!


              Zhang Ying

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