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                  Dancing is a popular pastime to many people all over the world. Way back to past centuries, and even today, tribal people engage in dancing as a form of worship or as a part of a ceremony in a celebration. On such occasions, dancing can be very solemn. In modern times, dancing appeals to different people for different reasons.
                  Young people often include dancing in parties or at other social gatherings.  It seems to be an incentive for them to gather. They look forward to dancing into the night during parties without feeling fatigue.
                  To the elderly, the steps in dancing are reduced with a slower tempo in the music. They gather in community centers to learn folk dance and, at the same time, to know one another in such informal interactions.
                  Personally, I doubt the effectiveness of dancing as a major role in keeping one's body healthy and in good shape. Activi-ties such as jogging, swimming and playing games are more  effective for attaining good health. They can burn off calories in our bodies and develop our muscles. To me, there are more meaningful and effective ways to keep fit.

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