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            My Idea of Family Planning-我对家庭计划的理念



            Family planning is the most effective way to solve the population problem the seriousness of which is often underestimated by us. Quite obviously family planning has so far made little progress here on this island. At a time when half of the world is suffering from starvation poor health and a deplorably low standard of living we simply cannot take lightly the population problem if we don't control the birth rate right now we’ll surely lead a miserable life in the near future. Illiteracy is perhaps the main enemy of family planning. Countries, which share the highest birth rate such as Brazil and India, are also those which share the highest illiteracy rate. People there don't even know what is  "birth control." To me, the ignorance of family planning is a social problem. So we had better begin with social reforms through, say, legislation, etc. of course, we cannot deny the necessity of the medical approach and we should use it in conjunction with other methods. The answer to the question whether man can survive the three crises of the 20th century, namely, totalitarianism, population and pollution, is in our hands.


            Overpopulation is a serious problem in many less developed countries for it brings about unemployment food shortage and retarded economic growth. Taiwan is one of the most densely populated areas in the world Although its teeming population didn't hamper the economic development in the past three decades it led to cramped living space congested traffic and cutthroat competition in college entrance exams besides our labor-intensive products are losing ground in international competition So family planning seems all the more important to us in Taiwan As we know the goal of the family planning introduced by our government is two children or less for each married couple. My idea of attaining this goal is to impose a heavy tax on families which have more than two children from a prescribed date onwards.


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