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            Mothers Who Work Outside the Home-外出工作的母亲们


            Employed women with infant children often face a dilemma of whether to keep working or to quit to take care of their infants. Though the fact that married women work outside the home has become a social trend, people still expect mothers to stay home until their children are two or three years old. But, in my opinion, it's unfair and impractical to deprive mothers of their right to keep working only for the reason of child-care.
            From the view-point of feminism, women also need a sense of achievement as men do. Employed women often find it difficult to give up the chance of self-fulfillment and go back home to play the traditional role. Since the age of confining women to the household has passed, we should not neglect mothers' desire to seek further accomplishments outside the home.
            Besides, taking care of children is both parents' responsibility rather than only mothers', since children belong to both father and mother. Thus, it's unreasonable to ask mothers to give up their jobs for child-care which is also fathers' duty.
            Practically speaking, working mothers can help improve family finances. Though there will be extra expenses for child-care service at the same time, employed mothers can ensure a steady income to help support the family. Therefore, mothers' working outside is advantageous to the family, especially to those low-income ones.
            In brief, to expect mothers to put child-care before everything is not feasible in today's society. Only if fathers and mothers cooperate can the problem of child-care be solved.

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