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              The rabbit in the Moon Palace
              Legend a long time ago, a pair of rabbit practice Millennium became immortal. They have four lovely daughters, all born to pure cute.
              One day, the emperor summoned the rabbits in heaven, it left his wife and children to be reluctant to part, stepping on the cloud temple. When it came to the south gate, see too white Venus day will lead the moon from the side walk. Rabbit fairy know what had happened, he asked a guard's door god beside. After hearing her encounter, rabbit fairy feel the innocent suffer, sympathize with her. But his meager strength, can be of any help? Think of the man in the moon, how lonely sad, if someone with good, suddenly thought of their four daughters, it immediately ran home.
              一天,玉皇大帝召见雄兔上天宫,它依依不舍地离开妻儿,踏着云彩上天宫去。正当它来到南天门时,看到太白金星带领天将押着嫦娥从身边走去。兔仙不知发生了什么事,就问旁边一位看守天门的天神。听完她的遭遇后,兔仙觉得嫦娥无辜受罪,很同情她。但是自己力量微薄,能帮什么忙呢?想到嫦娥一个人关在月宫里,多么寂寞悲伤,要是有人陪伴就好了,忽然想到自己的四个女儿, 它立即飞奔回家。
              The Moon Fairy rabbit tell the female rabbit, and a child to say with the goddess of the moon. The female rabbit though deeply sympathize with the moon, but loathe to give up their baby daughter, this is tantamount to the heart of flesh cut it! Daughters also reluctant to leave their parents, with tears in her eyes. The male rabbit sincere words and earnest wishes to say: "if I were alone, shut up, you are willing to accompany me? The moon in order to save the people, compromised, we can sympathize with her? The children, we can't think only about yourself!"
              The children understand the father's heart, all wants to go. Two rabbits with tears in his eyes, smiled. They decided to let the youngest daughter.
              The little moon farewell parents and sisters, flying to the moon to live!
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