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              French general Lafayette participated in both the American and French revolutions. One day at the height of the French Revolution a group of his admirers stopped his carriage in the street, unhitched his horses and pulled the vehicle to its destination.
              Several weeks later, Lafayette was asked whether he had been pleased by the gesture. "Yes, it was delightful, delightful, but one thing disturbs me a little," he replied, pausing reflectively. "I never saw anything more of my horses."
              It is worthwhile to note that, during the Napoleonic Wars, French soldiers complained that, though they were often hungry, there was always food for Napoleon's favourite horse, Nicoll.
              In the battle of Austerlitz in 1805, Napoleon's 68000-strong army outmanoeuvred and defeated a Russo-Austrian army of almost 90000. It was one of Napoleon's greatest victories. A famous yet frightful episode transpired during the Allied army's retreat: Russian forces that had been defeated by the French right withdrew south towards Vienna via the Satschan frozen ponds. French artillery pounded towards the men, but Napoleon redirected his gunners to fire at the ice. The men drowned in the viciously cold ponds, dozens of artillery pieces going down along with them.
              【附注】Transpire原意是「(事情)被人知道」,但也有人用来说「发生」,例如:(1)When it transpired that he had been usin gaprostitute,the governor had tore sign(那州长召妓的事被人知道了,不得不辞职)。(2)What transpired during my absence?(我不在时,发生了什么事?)留意以transpire说「发生」,本是错误用法,虽然今天字典多有收录,不少人仍然视为不当。要避免「用字不当」之讥,可改用happen、occur、takeplace等说法。
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