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            感人的英语故事:God’s ln My Basket


              感人的英语故事:God’s ln My Basket
              It’s been many years since Iwas in secondary school, but oneassignment has stayed with mealways. My class was supposedto write about someone over 70,so I decided to visit a nursinghome. I went to the office andexplained my assignment. Thedirector told me to go to RoomSix. The room had a bed, a chairand a picture of a rose on thewall. An elderly woman was inthe chair, knitting diligently. When I knocked, she lookedup and squinted (眯着眼睛看 )。
              “I’m supposed to write anessay for school…" I saidnervously. "Come in." She stoppedknitting and patted the bed. "Sithere."
              I sat down, and the womanreturned to her knitting. "Whatare you making?" I asked.
              “God’s in my basket," sheanswered. I spoke a little louder, "Whatare you knitting?" She stopped again, smiled andrepeated, "God’s in my basket." I looked around the room,then peeked (偷看;窥视) into herbasket, just in case I might catcha glimpse of God. "Oh, he is there," she said. "Iprayed for him to come, and hehas." The woman returned to herknitting and didn’t say anotherword. Finally I thanked her andleft. "What did you think of her?"asked the director of the nursinghome. "She says God’s in herknitting basket," I said. "I thinkshe’s a little crazy." "She was when she firstarrived," the director said. "Herhusband had died, and she wasalone. I suggested she pray forpeace, and she did. A few monthslater an aide(助手)taught her howto knit. In six months she wasknitting socks for everyone. Atthe Christmas fair she sold over$1000 worth of socks, sweatersand blankets. She even taughtknitting in school as a volunteer.She became the most popularperson in the neighborhood."
              "What about now?" I asked.
              "Well, now she’s in her 90sand sick. But she can still knit,and she is at peace. And shesays only one thing:God’s in herbasket." Weeks later I received apackage. Inside was a beautifulbrown wool sweater just my size,along with a note from thenursing-home director. Dear Christopher, The woman you met hereasked that we send you this gift.She thought you might like apiece of God to keep you warm.She died three days ago. She wasvery happy.
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