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            The 13-year-old Girl is Smarter than Stephen Hawking


              The 13-year-old Girl is Smarter than Stephen Hawking
              Neha Ramu is 13 years old,who is from Surbiton (1), London.She scored 162 in a Mensa(2) iotest, which is the highest markpossible, making her smarter thanStephen Hawking. A score above140 is considered to be that of agenius.Therefore, Neha Ramu hasbeen regarded as one of the UK&acute;sbrightest people.
              Neha Ramu moved to the UKfrom Bangalore (3) in India whenshe was seven.While she thinksthat the Indian education systemgave her a good start, but she loves her school life in the UK.
              Her parents are both eyedoctors.They knew their daughterwas clever,but they had no ideaexactly how clever she was. Hermother said: “From our side shedefinitely doesn’t have any pressurewe just make opportunities forher. She does all things withoutmuch effort. She makes sure shehas enough time for TV,swimming, fun times with herfriends.”
              Speaking about her cleverness,Neha said: “When I found out Igot such a high score it was soamazing and unexpected. StephenHawking, Albert Einstein, they’veachieved so much. Its not right tocompare me to them just becauseof my IQ. If I don’t put in myeffort and make use of my IQthen there’s no point in havingit. ”
              Neha Ramu enjoys chess andreading. She hopes to studyneurology (4) at the famousHarvard University. On herambition (5) to study neurology, Neha says: “I’m really quite passionate about the subject so I think it’II be good for me as a career. I don’t think I’m ever going to stop learning. I’ll always be curious and I’II always be thinking ’I wonder how that works ’ . ”
              In Mensa, the youngestmember is Alice Amos, fromSurrey (6), UK. She was acceptedat the age of 3 years 2 weeks.She has an IQ of 162, too. WhileStephen Hawking refuses toreveal his io, it is reported thathe has an IQ of 160. He hascarried out groundbreaking (7)research into physics. Paul Allenhas an io of 170. He is theco-founder of Microsoft and 48thrichest person in the world andtop philanthropist(8) KimUng-Yong is from South Korea.He is the world’s clever’estpeople. He has an IQ of 210. Bythe age of two, he was fluent infour languages. He was invited tostudy in U.S. by NASA at the ageof eight.
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